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Stalo teniso stalas Cornilleau Crossover 250S Outdoor (lauko) - Grey


Prekės kodas: 132657

  • Gamintojas: Cornilleau
  • Cornilleau
  • Prieinamumas:
  • Laikinai neturime
  • 569.99 €

  • Be PVM: 471.07 €
Pristatymas iki: 2021-06-10
Nemokamas pristatymas perkant virš 79 € (iki 20 kg).

Į krepšelį

The Sport 250S represents excellent value for money and includes many of Cornilleau’s unique features such as a Soft Mat top and folding net posts.  This table is completely weatherproof and benefits from Cornilleau's patented folding system.  You can also fold the net to the side when the table is not being used to prevent accidental damage.  It also has approval from the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for leisure use. 

The table is designed as a weatherproof model and can be left outside all year round in any weather conditions: rain, ice, snow etc. It has a 10 year guarantee to this effect.

The 5mm top on this table gives a good bounce.

The tops on Cornilleau outdoor tables are made from resin laminate. They are extremely durable, shock resistant and are weather resistant (rain, sun, snow, frost etc). Cornilleau tops range in thickness from from 5 to 9mm - the thicker the top the better the bounce quality.

The Soft MAT Top® anti-glare coating reflects 3 times fewer rays than standard tops and is resistant to bat blows.

The tension of the net is adjustable.

The outdoor frame is made from a zinc and aluminium alloy. It is strong and corrosion resistant.

The outdoor tops are made from a resin laminate which is completely weatherproof. This means you can safely leave your table out all year round.

Resin laminate tops are also extremely hard wearing and are resistant to bat blows, impacts and fading of the white lines.

The patented Compact technology ensures the highest level of safety, ease of handling and reduced storage space.

The 40mm frame is made from a zinc and aluminium alloy. It is corrosion resistant and helps ensure a flat playing surface.

When closed, the net posts can be folded in reducing the storage space.

This table has the playback facility which allows for solo practice.

The table has large diameter (200mm) oversized double wheels making it easy to move, even on uneven surfaces. These wheels are designed to be extremely robust and to aid manoeuvrability. 

There is built-in storage in the side panels for your accessories enabling you to store 4 bats and 6 balls.



Ball storage 8 balls
Medžiaga Weather resistant
Net type Retractable
Playing surface Resin laminate 5 mm
Racket storage Taip / for 4 rackets
Rėmas Aluinium / Zinc
Wheels diameter 200 mm
Spalva Grey
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