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  • Sporto kompleksas vaikams (gimnastikos sienelė) Kombi-2 220cm arba 240 cm
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Sporto kompleksas vaikams (gimnastikos sienelė) Kombi-2 220cm arba 240 cm


  • Gamintojas: Insportline
  • Insportline
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Wall Bars with Accessories inSPORTline Kombi 2 – 220cm


The Wall Bars with Accessories inSPORTline Kombi 2 – 220cm are a piece of home workout equipment perfect for everyday full-body workout and stretching. The large number of accessories allow for a variety of exercises. Aside from the wall bars, this set includes a strong pull-up bar with several bars and other accessories. Since all of those can be removed, you can use both the wall bars and the pull-up bar separately. The rings with adjustable length are perfect for stretching and strengthening stabilizer muscles while the strong climbing rope, rope-ladder and swing allow for even more exercises. Made of high quality, varnish-coated beech wood and pine wood, respectively, these wall bars have a 120kg weight limit, making them suitable for both adults and children. Since the wall bars are tightly secured to the wall, they are perfectly safe. Wall bar exercise helps prevent muscle weakness, spinal injury and back pain. The Wall Bars with Accessories inSPORTline Kombi 2 – 220cm will fit in any room, allowing you to exercise the entire body without having to leave your home.

Wall bars are a popular piece of workout equipment. They come in a number of versions different in material, size and attachment method. The wooden wall bars are one of our best sellers. As they do not take up much space and are easy to maintain, they are perfect for apartments. Pine wood is compact, durable and extremely flexible. The wall bars are coated with a unique, certified varnish which is not only odorless and non-toxic, but also makes the wall bars rigid and flexible. Moreover, wall bar exercise helps speed up recovery and/or prevent (not only) spinal injury. Their versatility makes wall bars perfect for the full-body workout (from strengthening abdominal, back, buttocks, leg and arm muscles to stretching).


Technical description:

  • Wooden wall bars
  • Durable and resistant
  • Coated with varnish (colorless, odorless, extremely durable)
  • Removable accessories
  • Hanging pull-up bar
  • Two gymnastic rings
  • Climbing rope
  • Rope-ladder with wooden bars
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Height:220cm
  • Width:80cm
  • Depth: 65cm
  • Bar material: beech
  • Sidebar material: pine
  • Weight limit:120kg
  • Weight: 25kg
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