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  • 12oz Odinės bokso pirštinės SportKO PK1 Red
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12oz Odinės bokso pirštinės SportKO PK1 Red


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Suitable for beginners as well as experienced users, the Boxing Gloves SportKO PK1 are top-class boxing gloves made of genuine leather and padded with variable density polyurethane foam, providing the best possible characteristics. Since the thumb is connected to the rest of the glove, it minimizes the risk of injury both to you and your opponent. The gloves close with a Velcro strap, allowing for easy pull on/off. Air vents on the palm ensure excellent air circulation, preventing sweating. The high-quality materials and workmanship make the Boxing Gloves SportKO PK1 a popular and sought-after product. These gloves are suitable for amateur boxing. 

Boxing gloves do not follow the traditional sizing guides. Instead, they are based on weight (oz) – 1oz = 28.35g. The most common boxing glove weight is 10oz as this weight is required for competition. However, for sparring purposes, 12oz gloves are recommended.

Technical description:

  • Boxing gloves of genuine leather
  • Padded with multi-layer polyurethane foam
  • Air vents on palm
  • Velcro closure
  • Surface material: genuine leather
  • Padding material: polyurethane foam
Dydis: 12 oz
Fastening: Velcro fastener
Glove type: Boxing
Material: Leather
Material: Polyuretane
Spalva: Red
Use: Box
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