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Multifunkcinis treniruoklis inSPORTline ProfiGym C30


  • Gamintojas: Insportline
  • Insportline
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  • 382.50 €

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The Home Gym inSPORTline ProfiGym C30 is a high-quality, multi-purpose home gym station that offers more than 100 different exercises that will help you effectively exercise your entire body. The sturdy steel structure with a frame profile of 60mm in diameter allows for a high weight limit and excellent stability. To strengthen your arms and back muscles, you can use the upper pulley. To exercise your legs, you can use the leg extension/leg curl, and to simulate rowing movements, you can exercise with the lower pulley. Other advantages include flexible steel cables, soft padding, an ergonomic backrest or anti-slip handles. Using the easy-to-use mechanism, the resistance can simply be adjusted up to 45kg (9 x 5kg). All of the above makes the Home Gym inSPORTline ProfiGym C30 a popular and sought-after product intended for home use.


Technical description:

  • High-quality home gym
  • Allows users to perform variety of exercises in different positions
  • Oval metal pipes 50mm in diameter
  • Durable surface coating
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Anti-slip handles 25mm in diameter
  • Flexible, steel cables
  • Pulleys with ball bearings
  • Pulley diameter: 90mm
  • Weights: 45kg (9 x 5kg weight blocks)
  • Padding thickness: 4.5cm
  • Seat height from ground: 48.5cm
  • Dimensions: length-150 x width-108 x height-207cm
  • Weight limit: 120kg
  • Weight: 95kg
  • HC category (EN957) – suitable for home use

Exercises stations:

  • Butterfly with back support
  • Sitting shoulder presses with back support
  • Upper pulley pulldown
  • Lower pulley pulldown (rowing simulation)
  • Sitting pulley pulldown
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl
Adduction and abduction (thighs): no
Arm raises (shoulders): no
Bench press: no
Biceps pulley - free: yes
Biceps pulley - with support: no
Butterfly with back support: yes
Butterfly with chest support: no
Cable exercises (abdomen): no
Chin-ups: no
Leg Curls: yes
Leg extensions: yes
Leg raises: no
Maximum load: 45 kg
Maximum user height: not limited
Pick-up roller (upper): yes
Pick-up sitting with chest support: no
Rack: no
Seated chest presses: yes
Stepper: no
Triceps press: yes
Triceps pulley: yes
Upper pulley: yes
Weight limit (kg): 120 kg
Weight: 95 kg
Weights type: Bricks
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