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Lauko stalo teniso stalas Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor - Grey


Prekės kodas: 155607

  • Gamintojas: Cornilleau
  • Cornilleau
  • Prieinamumas:
  • Laikinai neturime
  • 819.99 €

  • Be PVM: 677.68 €
Pristatymas iki: 2021-05-29
Nemokamas pristatymas perkant virš 79 € (iki 20 kg).

Į krepšelį

Strive for excellence with the 500M Crossover! With its sturdy build, this tennis table is ready for intense practice. Put your ping pong skills to the test with this excellent outdoor table. After seeing your outdoor family duels and friendly competition, your jealous neighbors will wish they had one of their own! 

The thicker the panel (from 4 to 9mm) better the bounce. Outdoor panels are made of resin laminate, they are weather resistant (rain, snow, frost...) and shock resistant making them ultra-durable.

Play comfortably with the SOFTMAT coating which reduces 10 times sun glares.

Both height and tension can be adjusted to get the net perfectly set up. 

The frame is made of an ultra durable noncorrosive aluminium/zinc alloy. 

The panel is made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate). Conceived to sustain bad weather (rain, snow, frost) your table can stay outside all year long. Furthermore this material is extremely resistant to blows, impacts, color fading.. 

The patented "Compact Technology®" system ensures optimum safety, easy movement and minimizes storage space requirements. 

Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease. The DSI  system has 16 locking points. The table is fully locked in playing and storage positions.  The highest level of safety on the market !

Soft protection pads are added on each  corner of the table to guarantee  maximum safety for your children.

The frame is made of a zinc and aluminium alloy. This 60mm thick structure ensures the perfect flatness of the panel

The diameter (200mm) of our new Oversize twin wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design offer unique, clearance, manoeuvrability and flexibility.

This table feets are reinforced with steel crosspieces and is equipped with adjustable leg pads (120mm diameter) to get a perfectly flat playing surface.

Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease.  

Always get a ball on hand with these ball dispensers placed next to the players. 

The net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimizing storage space and providing better safety when stored.

Solo game: keep one side of the table up to train on your own.

This handle enables you to easily lift the table over any obstacles (step, edge of the terrace, doorway)

Racket holders and ball storage space have been added to the sides of the table in order to store 4 rackets and 8 balls.

The diameter (200mm) of our new Oversize twin wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design, offer unique clearance, manoeuvrability and flexibility.

Adjustable leg pad 120 mm
Ball storage 8 balls
Corner protection pads Taip
Locking System DSI (16 points)
Medžiaga Weather resistant
Playing surface Resin laminate 7 mm
Racket storage Taip / for 4 rackets
Rėmas Aluinium / Zinc
Wheel type Double wheels
Wheels diameter 200 mm
Spalva Grey
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