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Push Up Bars inSPORTline Push Up PU200


Prekės kodas: 160

  • Gamintojas: Insportline
  • Insportline
  • Prieinamumas:
  • Laikinai neturime
  • 9.99 €

  • Be PVM: 8.26 €
Pristatymas: 1 - 3 darbo dienos
Nemokamas pristatymas perkant virš 79 € (iki 20 kg).

Į krepšelį

Push Up Bars inSPORTline Push Up PU200 are a popular equipment that will help you perform the perfect push ups. The bars are made of durable steel that ensures high longevity. The handles are covered by an anti-slip material that allows for a firm and comfortable grip. The grips and the anti-slip bottom surface of the bars ensure maximum stability and allow you to perform precise push ups to the extreme. The difference between push ups with push up bars and classic push ups is that with the bars, your elbows are at a smaller angle and your chest lowers closer to the ground, which makes the exercise more effective. Thanks to these attributes, Push Up Bars inSPORTline Push Up PU200 are a very popular exercise equipment for strengthening the upper part of your body, especially your chest muscles.

Technical description:

  • Equipment ideal for push ups
  • Quality manufacture
  • High durability
  • Anti-slip grips and bottom surface
  • 2 pcs per package
  • Dimensions: length 27 cm x width 16 cm x height 14.5 cm
  • Grip length: 12 cm
  • Grip diameter: 30 mm
  • Material: steel
  • Grip material: polypropylene
  • Weight: 420 g/Piece
  • Weight limit: 120 kg
  • Suitable for exercising the upper half of your body, especially your chest muscles
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