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Megabol Biosterol 36 kaps

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Testosterone support matrix

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How Biosterol Works?

Biosterol is made of isolated plant sterols. The exact molecule is called a steroid saponin, which is present in many plants. Steroids are used in the synthesis of testosterone and other compounds in the human body, but are also present in plants and a variety of living organisms. These steroid saponins are concentrated carefully in a scientific lab to preserve and intensify their natural healing properties. In the human body, these compounds stimulate the production of LH, or luteinizing hormone. LH then stimulates the production of testosterone. Because the supplement does not contain testosterone but rather encourages its production, the result is a clean boost in this important male hormone with no unwanted side effects.

The company reports that testosterone may be increased by up to 4 mg a day if this product is used regularly according to the package instructions. This is a significant increase that can make a huge difference in male health, especially in bodybuilders that are already making more testosterone than the average man. This further increase in testosterone can aid in muscle building, lipolysis (breaking down fat stores), and increasing metabolism in a natural manner. This is a healthy and natural way to increase your game and get more gains as a bodybuilder.

1 capsule of Biosterol and 1 capsule of Testosterol capsule per day, after meal. Biosterol® and Testosterol should be taken every day. Considering stimulating characteristics for activity, these products should be taken before 6 p.m. On training days You should take 1 capsule of Biosterol and 1 capsule of Testosterol after meal one hour before workout.

Active ingredients (extracts):
· Nigellae fluidum,
· Capsici fluidum,
· Trigonellae fluidum,
· Myristicae liquidum,
· Glycyrrhizae siccum,
· Cynarae fluidum

One capsule contain:
· 200 mg steroid saponins
· 66 mg phytosterols
· 0,25 mg steroid alkaloids
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.Do not use the product as a substitute for a varied diet. 
Children, pregnant or nursing woman must not take the product

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