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Guminė grindų danga sporto salėms inSPORTline Puzeko 64x64x1cm


Prekės kodas: 17881

  • Gamintojas: Insportline
  • Insportline
  • Prieinamumas:
  • Laikinai neturime
  • 20.99 €

  • Be PVM: 17.35 €
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The Heavy Duty Floor Mat inSPORTline Puzeko 1cm is perfect under cardio machines, heavy weights or just about any multifunctional workout stations. This 10mm heavy duty mat not only protects the floor from damage, but also reduces vibrations and noise made by exercise machines. Made of durable rubber, this specially modified mat can deal with heavy load. Even after spending a considerable amount of time under heavy machines or being subjected to blows from weights hitting the floor (this requires a specially constructed floor), the material does not deform. Given its 64 x 64cm dimensions, the anti-slip Heavy Duty Floor Mat inSPORTline Puzeko 1cm can go under the legs of smaller exercise machines or, when putting more pieces together, under large workout stations. Thanks to their puzzle shape, the individual pieces will fall into place and stay together. The anti-slip Heavy Duty Floor Mat inSPORTline Puzeko 1cm is easy to store, multifunctional, anti-slip and highly durable.

Technical description:

  • Protects floor from damage
  • Reduces noise and vibrations
  • Suitable for heavy exercise machines
  • Also suitable for weight drops
  • Modular system – puzzle
  • You can put together mat of your preferred size
  • Easy-to-store
  • Highly durable (long service life)
  • Medžiaga: rubber, EPDM
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Dimensions: 64 x 64cm (56 x 56cm without “puzzle” end)
Matmenys: 64 x 64 x 1 cm
Medžiaga: Guma
Storis: 10 mm
Svoris (g): 3300 g
Talpykla: ne
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