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Gimnastikos sienelė su aksesuarais BenchK 513


Prekės kodas: 513

  • Gamintojas: BenchK
  • BenchK
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The Wall Bars BenchK 513 are a perfect combination of two materials – metal and wood – and their best properties. The metal frame provides perfect stability and high durability while the oval beech bars with a 30 x 40mm profile are pleasant to touch and allow for a perfect grip. The wood is not varnished but hand-oiled. As a result, you won’t have to worry about varnish peeling off the wall bars. Also, it extends their service life. These wall bars were designed down to the last detail, making the Wall Bars BenchK 513 not only a piece of exercise equipment, but also a stylish piece of furniture.

Intended for home exercise, these wall bars will help you improve your fitness, strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. They come with a metal pull-up bar, bench and parallel dip bars, allowing you to exercise your upper body – arms, pecs, back and abs.

The Wall Bars BenchK 513 can be mounted to a wall as well as pushed up against the ceiling (i.e. no drilling is required). If you are looking for a universal station for a full body workout, then the Wall Bars BenchK 513 are the perfect choice.

Wall bars are a great multi-purpose exercise tool. However, their versatility can be further expanded via various accessories.


With a solid metal pull-up bar, for example, you will be able to exercise back muscles and the rest of the upper half of your body. You might also appreciate one of our resistance bands. They provide resistance and lower the weight you work with and as such allow even beginners to handle these hard exercises. But if you consider these kinds of exercises too easy, you can try working with body weights




suspension system is another popular accessory. It can be easily attached to one of the cross bars, offering a variety of bodyweight exercise options. You might appreciate its compact size, high weight limit and wide range of length adjustment.




You can also attach exercise bars or resistance bands, which work with resistance and are suitable for everyone (thanks to their versatility). They are perfect not only for stretching, but also help those with muscle coordination problems or those recovering from an injury.


Last, but not least, you’ll surely appreciate a bench for wall bars, suitable for jumps, sit-ups, dumbbell exercises, etc. Buy one of these accessories and use your wall bars to the fullest.



Technical description:

  • High-quality wall bars – combination of metal and wood
  • Metal pull-up bar with number of grip options
  • Bench and parallel dip bars
  • 8 oval bars
  • Wall-mounted
  • Can be attached to ceiling (240 – 272 cm ceiling height)
  • Compatible with various accessories
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Screw covers
  • Height: 230 – 240 cm
  • Width: 67 cm
  • Bars weight limit: 150 kg
  • Pull-up bar weight limit: 120 kg
  • Parallel dip bars weight limit: 150
  • Bench weight limit: 350 kg
  • Bar profile: W 30 x H 40 mm
  • Frame profile: 40 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Delivered disassembled
  • Mounting parts for attachment to wall are not included 
Aukštis 2,30 m-2,40 m
Ceiling height for floor to ceiling mounting 2,40 m-2,72 m
Ceiling height for wall mounting 2,40 m
Maximum user weight 150 kg
Medžiaga Metal, Beech Wood
Mount Type To wall or floor to ceiling
Plotis 67 cm
Spalva Black with wooden rungs
Svoris 51 kg
Rašyti atsiliepimą
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