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Dantų apsauga - kapa Everlast EverGel BlackBlue


  • Gamintojas: Everlast
  • Everlast
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The Mouthguard Everlast EverGel is suitable not only for boxing, but also for other body-contact sports with an increased risk of mouth injury. Not only does the triple-layer structure provide maximum protection, it also helps secure the mouthguard in place. The inner gel layer absorbs shocks, providing additional protection from your opponent’s punches. Made of flexible material, the Everlast EverGel mouthguard can be adjusted to the shape of your mouth, thus allowing for a perfect fit. All you have to do to adjust its shape is warm it up. The Mouthguard Everlast EverGel is only suitable for upper jaw use. You may also appreciate the practical, hygienic case.

Technical description:

  • Sturdy triple-layer mouthguard
  • Inner gel layer with excellent shock absorption
  • You adjust its shape by warming it up
  • Adjusts to shape of jaw
  • Material: EVA plastic (BPA and phthalate free)
  • Comes with hygienic case
Material: EVA
Shapeable: yes
Spalva: Black-Blue
Use: Martial arts
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