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  • 12oz Bokso pirštinės Everlast Ergo
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12oz Bokso pirštinės Everlast Ergo


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  • Everlast
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The Boxing Gloves Everlast Ergo Moulded Foam Training Gloves are training gloves made of PU, especially suitable for sparring or training with a punching bag. They feature an extra thick foam layer, perfectly absorbing all impacts and hits. They are classically designed and have a bracing on the thumb. This bracing is joined with the entire glove with a lug and prevents so the thumb from being impacted or hurt because of it fixed position. The palm features two bracings. The first one protects it from impacts and the second one protects and supports fingers for better clenching. The glove is aired by five inner vents. A special inside material minimizes sweating. The glove is stitched on a few of points and looks very solidly. These gloves can resist even to a hard training. To close it, use a Velcro fastener on the semi-elastic strap that supports the wrist.

Technical parameters:

  • Training gloves made of PU
  • Extra thick foam layer
  • Braced thumb
  • Two bracings on palm
  • 5 ventilation holes
  • Quality stitching
  • Velcro fastening
  • Strap length: 22 cm
  • Strap width: 7.5 cm
  • Suitable for sparring and training with the punching bag

Technology description:

EverFresh – You can sweat but without any odour. Odour is not necessary a sign of a good body condition. The Everlast – EverFresh material, due to its antibacterial attribute, protects against smell and skin irritation. Moreover, it kills bacteria and increases textile lifespan.

Ventilation – Airflow helps regulate the body temperature and protects it from overheating during training.

Antimicrobial – especially material treatment protects it from unpleasant odour and skin irritation. Also, it kills bacteria that can cause material decomposition.

Dydis: M(12 oz)
Fastening: Velcro fastener
Glove type: Training
Material: Polyuretane
Use: Box
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