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  • 10oz Bokso pirštinės  Everlast Black
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10oz Bokso pirštinės Everlast Black


  • Gamintojas: Everlast
  • Everlast
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Boxing Gloves Everlast are made of PU and designed especially for sparring or punch bag training. They offer a unique, extra strong foam layer for great shock absorption and classic look with comfortable thumb padding, which helps to keep the thumb and fist positioned correctly to avoid injury. Palm area is equipped with two reinforcements – one for palm protection and one for finger support and firm, secure grip. These gloves breathe through 5 ventilation holes located on the inner side and its special inner material provides increased protection against sweating. Featuring high-quality sewing, the glove has robust design which can withstand even more intensive workouts. Boxing Gloves Everlast fasten with a semi-elastic Velcro strap which helps to stabilize the wrist during punches.

Technical description:

  • Training boxing gloves
  • PU material
  • Super strong foam layer
  • Padded thumb block
  • 2 types of reinforcements in palm area
  • Ventilation system with 5 ventilation holes
  • High-quality sewing
  • Velcro fastening system
  • Velcro strap length: 22cm
  • Velcro strap width: 7.5cm
  • Suitable especially for sparring and punch bag training

Effective fitness training does not have to be accompanied by the unpleasant odor of sweat anymore. The Everlast – EverFresh – material has antibacterial properties which eliminate body odor and skin irritations. At the same time the service life is considerably prolonged, as it provides protection against textile damage by bacteria.
The airflow system helps to keep optimum body temperature and prevent overheating during exercise.
Special material treatment which provides protection against unpleasant sweat smell and skin irritations and kills bacteria and microbes that may damage the material.  


Dydis: S(10 oz)
Fastening: Velcro fastener
Glove type: Training
Material: Polyuretane
Spalva: Black
Use: Box
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