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Trosinis multifunkcinis treniruoklis Body-Solid GCC0150S PRO


Prekės kodas: 18285

  • Gamintojas: Body-Solid
  • Body-Solid
  • Prieinamumas:
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  • 1,479.99 €

  • Be PVM: 1,223.13 €
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The revolutionary Crossover Machine Body-Solid GCC0150S will help you exercise virtually every muscle in your body. Its unique design allows you to strengthen your legs, arms, chest and back muscles. The machine’s high and burly frame offers various functions and multiple training options. The pulleys can be vertically adjusted into 11 positions. The heavy, highly durable steel frame is welded from all four sides and its wide base prevents it from tilting during the workout. The pulleys rotate to 180 degrees. This machine comes with two 68kg weight blocks. You may also appreciate the pegs on which you can put additional weight plates. The Crossover Machine Body-Solid GCC0150S is recommended for home, hotel and club use. Thanks to the wide frame, two people can use the machine at the same time.

Technical description:

  • Highly durable steel frame
  • Large pulleys for smooth movement in every direction
  • Can be used by two people simultaneously
  • Height adjustable to 11 positions
  • Compatible with 25mm (or 30mm) weight plates; 50mm weight plates can also be used (adaptor is required)
  • Pegs can be loaded with additional 180kg (45kg / 1 peg)
  • Dimensions: length 355cm x width 99cm x height 211cm
  • Weight: 217kg
  • Category SC – recommended for home, hotel and club use
  • Comes with 2 grips and 1 ankle strap
  • Note: pull-up bar is NOT included 

Comes with 136kg of weights.

Bar diameter: 25 mm
Height: 211 cm
Length: 355 cm
Posts for weight plates: yes
Weight: 217 kg
Width: 99 cm
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