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Daugiafunkcis treniruoklis Body-Solid Fusion 600 PRO


Prekės kodas: 18275

  • Gamintojas: Body-Solid
  • Body-Solid
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  • 2,679.99 €

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The Home Gym Body-Solid Fusion 600 is a modern multi-purpose home gym made of the most durable materials. Offering top-class functions and eye-catching design, this machine was designed to fit into any home gym. This ergonomically shaped home gym features patented Bi-Angular® press arms that guide you through the optimal natural range-of-motion while applying resistance from two directions simultaneously. 

Furthermore, the Home Gym Body-Solid Fusion 600 features a 4-position standard press arm with ergonomically designed multi-position handles, leg curl and leg extension stations, exercise arms with a 180-degree range, wide-groove pulleys and an adjustable seat with an adjustable backrest for maximum comfort during the workout. Featuring adjustable arms that allow you to change the angle of resistance (160 degrees), the pulleys allow users to perform a variety of exercises. The two pre-cabled accessory attachment points enable you to configure your gym to be as individually unique as your personal goals and routines demand.

The ergonomically shaped Home Gym Body-Solid Fusion 600 provides a great platform for toning your muscles. There are over 60 various exercises available, including:

  • Chest exercises
  • Rhomboid muscle exercises
  • Leg curls
  • Biceps and triceps exercises
  • Arm and leg muscles exercises and others

Technical description:

  • Timeless design
  • Reinforced Heavy Duty steel frame for perfect stability
  • Bi-Angular® converging press arm system
  • Ergonomic grips with 4 adjustable positions
  • Easily adjustable 14-position rounded exercise arms with a 180° range for a variety of exercises, including rowing simulation
  • Wide groove pulley for ease of movement
  • Seat with an adjustable chest support
  • Telescopic backrest with adjustable incline for support
  • Easily adjustable seat with air suspension
  • Two attachment points for optional accessories
  • Compact base: width 122 cm x length 193 cm x height 211 cm
  • Weights: 96 kg
  • Category S (EN 957) – suitable for all types of gyms

Home Gym Body-Solid Fusion 600 includes:

  • Lower pulley for rowing simulation
  • Biceps bar
  • Resistance bands
  • Ankle strap
  • Training DVD
  • Exercise chart

Available accessories:

A – Dip / Pull-Up Station (W 249 cm x L 183 cm x H 211 cm) – For push-ups and pull-ups, suitable for users with all levels of experience

B – Vertical Knee Raise / Dip Station (W 122 cm x L 251 cm x H 211 cm) – For strengthening the upper and middle part of your body (knee raises, push-ups), can be attached to the back to save space

C – Leg Press (W 203 cm x L 201 cm x H 211 cm) – For exercising your thighs and glutes with a fully adjustable backrest and revolving pin

D – Multi Hip Station (W 208 cm x L 183 cm x H 211 cm) – For pulls and curls with a full range of movement and stabilization grips

Adduction and abduction (thighs): no
Arm raises (shoulders): yes
Bench press: yes
Biceps pulley - free: yes
Biceps pulley - with support: no
Butterfly with back support: yes
Butterfly with chest support: yes
Cable exercises (abdomen): yes
Chin-ups: no
Leg Curls: yes
Leg extensions: yes
Leg raises: no
Lower pulley: yes
Maksimalus naudotojo svoris (kg): 160 kg
Maksimalus naudotojo ūgis (cm): not limited
Parallel Bars: no
Pick-up roller (upper): yes
Pick-up sitting with chest support: yes
Rack: no
Seated chest presses: yes
Stepper: no
Triceps press: yes
Triceps pulley: yes
Upper pulley: yes
Weight: 310 kg
Weights type: Bricks
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