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27,5" Moteriškas elektrinis kalnų dviratis Crussis e-Guera 8.5-S - size 19"


Prekės kodas: E-GUERA8.5-S-19

  • Gamintojas: Crussis
  • Crussis
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  • 2,086.99 €

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The Women’s Mountain E-Bike Crussis e-Guera 8.5-S – 2020 is well-equipped for challenging mountain terrain. It features a top-class SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed derailleur set, a ROCKSHOX FS 30 Silver TK Solo Air suspension fork and a high-capacity, 17.5Ah battery that allows for an incredible distance range of up to 150km (depending on the trail profile). The Tektro HD-M510 hydraulic brakes and Maxxis Forecaster tires with excellent adhesion provide safety. The lady frame geometry makes the bike easy to control while the fully integrated battery and center drive make it perfectly balanced. 

You can choose from 5 assistance modes on an LCD screen, where there is also a USB port which allows you to charge your mobile device. The Women’s Mountain E-Bike Crussis e-Guera 8.5-S – 2020 will take you to places you otherwise would not dare to go.

Top-Class Gear Shifter

SRAM Eagle technology allows for smooth and accurate shifting of gears, which you can rely on in every situation. Eagle is a revolutionary MTB technology as it features an ideal, single-chainring drive, which is lightweight, durable, easy to use (intuitive operation) and offers a variety of programs for all kinds of terrain. 

The PG-1210 SX cassette is the only Eagle cassette designed to meet the ever-increasing demands on mountain bikes, making it perfect for challenging terrain riding.  


Air Suspension Fork

The Women’s Mountain E-Bike Crussis e-Guera 8.5-S – 2020 features a ROCKSHOX FS 30 Silver TK Solo Air 29” suspension fork with 100mm travel, which adjusts to the user’s weight. All you have to do is adjust the spring tension and the e-bike will adapt to your weight and riding style. A well-adjusted fork absorbs shocks during terrain rides and does not provide too much suspension on a flat surface. Moreover, the fork can be locked out from the handlebars.


Ultra Powerful Drive

The Bafang Max Drive with an 80Nm torque features a torsional pedaling force sensor which makes sure that the more you pedal, the more the engine will assist you. 

Apart from battery status and current assistance mode, the easy-to-read LCD color screen also shows speed and distance covered. Moreover, the display also features a USB port, which allows you to charge your mobile devices (e.g. phone, navigation, lights).


Technical description:


Alu 6061 (17“, 19“)


BAFANG MAX drive, center, 250W, 80 Nm


Samsung Li-ion 36 V/630 Wh (17.5 Ah)


2 Ah

Pedaling sensor


Distance range

Up to 150 km

Rear derailleur


Gear shifter


Number of speeds

1 x 12


SRAM CS-PG1210 Eagle, 11-50z


SRAM Eagle SX 12s


ROCKSHOX FS 30 Silver TK Solo Air 27,5", 100 mm travel


Hydraulic TEKTRO HD-M510, rotor 180 mm (front), 160 mm (rear)

Control panel

LCD panel with USB port, 5 assistance modes (color display)


MAXXIS Forekaster 27.5*2.35


CRUSSIS 27,5", double-walled, lined, 32D


CRUSSIS disc, wreath bearing, 32D


Semi 11/8


CRUSSIS Al, 60 mm, fixed


CRUSSIS Al, 680 mm


CRUSSIS 100% silicon

Weight limit

120 kg

Note: The expected max. travel distance depends on various factors, such as the amount of electric assistance, user weight, terrain, wind and the inflation pressure, pattern and temperature of the tires. All stated travel distances are valid under optimal conditions, meaning even terrain with no wind, temperature of 20°C, extremely narrow tires with no profile and user weight under 70 kg.

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E-bikes CRUSSIS are assembled directly in the Czech Republic, under professional supervision and in cooperation with cycling experts. This progressive Czech brand guarantees quality, modern design and maximum enjoyment from the ride.

Warning: Store the battery in a dry place and away from light, with room temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Before storing it for a longer period of time, charge the battery to full capacity. Repeat the process every month.

Warning: The factory setting for maximum speed is 25 km/h to meet the European standard for e-bikes. However, the setting can be manually changed to a higher speed limit. Bear in mind that in such a case the e-bike no longer meets the required standards and cannot be used on public roads!

CRUSSIS e-bike chart size

Frame sizeHeight of user
17″ 155-175 cm
18″ 160-180 cm
19″ 165-185 cm
20″ 170-190 cm
21″ 175-195 cm
Šakė: ROCKSHOX FS 30 Silver TK R Solo Air 27.5"
Švaistiklio rinkinys: Bafang 170 mm
Švaistiklio rinkinys: SRAM X-SYNC 2 38Z
Atstumas: 150
Baterija: Ličio jonų Li-ion, 17,5 Ah
Baterija: Panasonic cells
Ekranas: Bafang
Ekrano tipas: LCD
El. Dviračio tipas: MTB
Galinė padanga: Maxxis Forekaster 27,5*2,35
Galinė stebulė: CRUSSIS diskinė, rutulinia
Galiniai stabdžiai: Hydraulická TEKTRO HD-M510
Galinis pavarų perjungiklis: SRAM SX Eagle
galinis ratlankis: CRUSSIS 27,5", dvigubi, aptraukti, 32D
Grandinė: SRAM Eagle SX 12s
Kasetė: SRAM CS-PG1210 Eagle, 11-50z
Maksimali variklio galia: 250 W
Maksimalus naudotojo svoris (kg): 120 kg
Metai: 2020
Pėdalai: WELLGO
Pakabos šakė: Taip
Pavarų perjungėjas: SRAM SX Eagle
Pavarų perjungimo tipas: svirtinis
Pavaros: 12
Priekinė padanga: Maxxis Forekaster 27,5*2,35
Priekinė stebulė: CRUSSIS diskinė, rutulin
Priekiniai stabdžiai: Hydraulická TEKTRO HD-M510
Priekinis ratlankis: CRUSSIS 27,5", dvigubi, aptraukti, 3
Programų tipai: 5 programos
Rėmas: Alu 6061
Rėmas:dydis 19"
Rėmo medžiaga: Aliuminis
Rankenos: CRUSSIS soft with a collar
Ratuko dydis: 27,5" (for users over 155 cm)
Sėdynė: Selle Royal
Sėdynės stovas: CRUSSIS su užraktu, 31,6 /
Stabdžiai: hidrauliniai>
Vairas: CRUSSIS Al, 680 mm
Vairo strypas: CRUSSIS Al, 60 mm, fiksuotas
Variklis: Bafang MAX Drive
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