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  • 26" Elektrinis miesto dviratis Crussis e-City 1.12 - size 19"
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26" Elektrinis miesto dviratis Crussis e-City 1.12 - size 19"

Prekės kodas: E-CITY1.12-19

  • 1,247.99 €
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Are you looking for a reliable bike for riding to work, in-town riding or easy trips? Then the Urban E-Bike Crussis e-City 1.12 – 2020 is the way to go! The aluminum frame was designed to make getting on/off the bike as easy as possible, making it suitable for seniors and/or persons with limited mobility.

The 13Ah, fully-integrated battery can last up to 100 km, which is more than enough in city traffic. The motor is placed in the rear hub. You can adjust the assistance on the LED panel on the handlebars. Just like all the e-City bikes, the e-City 1.12, too, has 26” wheels. Last but not least, the bike comes in two frame sizes, making it suitable for both men and women.

Invisible Battery

The SAMSUNG Li-Ion 36V / 468Wh (13Ah) battery is fully integrated into the frame and allows for a distance range of up to 100km on a single charge (depending on the trail profile and the use of assistance). The battery features a BMS (Battery Management System) board, which prevents it from overheating, short-circuit and overcharging. You can recharge the battery either on the bike’s frame or take it out and put it in the included charger (which you can plug in any standard socket). When the battery is completely discharged, it will charge to full capacity in 6.5 hours.

Easy Get-On/Off  

An aluminum frame with a lower tube allows for easy and safe get on/off, which will come in handy not only in city traffic.

Suitable for both men and women, the frame comes in two sizes (17” and 19”).


Equipped for City Traffic

If you’re looking for a reliable bike for riding to work or in-town riding in any weather, Crussis urban e-bikes are the way to go. Since they come with fenders (front and rear), neither a light spring rain nor a summer storm will be a problem. You might also appreciate the front and rear lights and the rear rack, to which you can attach all kinds of bags as well as a basket. With a Crussis urban bike, you can go on a short trip as well as a multiday expedition. Traveling has never been easier. 


Technical description:


Alu 6061 (17“, 19")


Bafang 250 W / 500 W*, in rear hub


Samsung Li-ion 36 V/13Ah – on rear rack


2 Ah

Distance range

Up to 100 km (depending on use of assistance, rider’s weight and trail profile)

Pedaling sensor

revolution (magnetic)

Rear derailleur


Gear shifter

Shimano SL-TX50-7R

Number of speeds

1 x 7


ZOOM 325E 26“ no lock




LED panel, 5 assistance modes


KENDA 26*1.75 (559-47), black


CRUSSIS 26", double-walled, lined, 32D


CRUSSIS, wreath bearing, 32D


Semi 11/8


CRUSSIS Al, 90 mml adjustable


CRUSSIS Al, 620 mm


CRUSSIS ergonomic with socket


Lights, kickstand, fenders, rear rack

Weight limit

120 kg

* The standard motor power is 250W. However, if necessary (e.g. during an uphill ride), it can be twice as much (500W) for a short interval.

Note: The expected max. travel distance depends on various factors, such as the amount of electric assistance, user weight, terrain, wind and the inflation pressure, pattern and temperature of the tires. All stated travel distances are valid under optimal conditions, meaning even terrain with no wind, temperature of 20°C, extremely narrow tires with no profile and user weight under 70 kg.

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E-bikes CRUSSIS are assembled directly in the Czech Republic, under professional supervision and in cooperation with cycling experts. This progressive Czech brand guarantees quality, modern design and maximum enjoyment from the ride.

Warning: Store the battery in a dry place and away from light, with room temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Before storing it for a longer period of time, charge the battery to full capacity. Repeat the process every month.

Warning: The factory setting for maximum speed is 25 km/h to meet the European standard for e-bikes. However, the setting can be manually changed to a higher speed limit. Bear in mind that in such a case the e-bike no longer meets the required standards and cannot be used on public roads!

CRUSSIS e-bike chart size

Frame sizeHeight of user
17″ 155-175 cm
18″ 160-180 cm
19″ 165-185 cm
20″ 170-190 cm
21″ 175-195 cm
Baterija (max. range 100 km)
Crank Set 42T
Display LED
Drive Rear wheel
Fork ZOOM 325E 26" no lock
Frame material Aliuminis
Front Hub CRUSSIS disc, ball bearing, 32D
Front Rim CRUSSIS 26", dvojitý, vložkovaný, 32D
Front Stabdžiai Tektro V-brake
Front Tire Kenda 26*1.75
Gear shifting SHIMANO Tourney SL-TX50-7R
Gear shifting type lever
Grips CRUSSIS ergonomic with a collar
Handlebar grip CRUSSIS Al, 620 mm
Handlebar stem CRUSSIS Al, 90 mm, adjustable
Maksimalus naudotojo svoris 120 kg
Motor Bafang
Mudguards Taip
Number of speeds 7
Program types 5 programs
Range 100
Ratų dydis 26
Rear Derailleur Shimano Tourney RD-TZ50
Rear hub BAFANG with drive
Rear rim CRUSSIS 26", dvojitý, vložkovaný, 32D
Rear Stabdžiai Tektro V-brake
Rear tire Kenda 26*1.75
Rėmas Alu 6061
Stabdžiai V-stabdžiai
Suspension fork Taip
Type of e-bike Urban
Variklio maksimali galia 250 W
Year 2020
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